Monday, 27 May 2013

Distraction helps to motivate me!

So I'm working on a new theory...

Distraction helps to motivate! I'm sure this is true, because when I have tons of people to see and lots of places to go, I still manage to finish reports and work. Its only when I have so much free time that I face the procrastinitis thing. Its just taking me a while to figure out which distraction will motivate me...

I tried reading, watching films, playing games, lying on the floor staring at the ceiling, napping. None of those worked! Which in hindsight is pretty obvious -.- But when you have work to do, all of those things seem justifiable; a nap will reenergise you for work and a short relaxing break will prepare you for stressful work! Lying on the floor? Well that was just in the hopes of an epiphany were I can invent something amazing and never have to finish this report ^_^;

But yes! I found that exercise is amazingly good for motivation! I decided that since its been so many weeks since i've ran I better start with something light: badminton. The easiest thing ever, you just hit a slow moving object around and it sorta counts as exercise : D at least enough to gear me up to be productive. Turns out I'm pretty good at it, and I've won quite a few games. The only thing is, I've got it in my head that I'm some all-star badminton player who NEEDS to be in the next olympics so we can get gold, and that I look so awesome scoring.

...When really I'm just kinda waving my racket without any purpose around and something eventually happens. Still, it deffo beats the look of dismay and exhaustion i have when I'm running.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Procrastination without the fun


So I've recently finished my last written exam for this semester, and now I've started this special project where I need to write a massive report and do a presentation at the end. But I have quite a long time to do this, and I don't actually have to go in to do doctor stuff that much this time. Really I should be mega productive with my time in the day so I can rest and relax in the night. I mean, I've been given the chance to do this, so why not? How hard could it be to do all my work in the week so I have my weekends free?

Unfortunately, I have developed procrastinitis; I am now a master of procrastination and avoiding work at all costs. But I'm really not enjoying it! I feel awful every time I find myself not doing work, but at the same time I really can't bring myself to even want to work. The result of this is that I end up wasting my time doing fun things but feeling so guilty throughout the activity that I'm not actually having any fun. Which leads me to doing more fun stuff to relieve the stress of feeling guilty, making me more guilty, and the cycle continues.

It's actually gotten to the point where even normal, mundane activities make me feel guilty because they eat even further into the time where I should be working

I have no idea how to handle this, normally it just fizzles out as a working frenzy begins when the deadline approaches. But the deadline is so far! I care so little and I feel terrible about it. One possible tactic I'm exploring is playing medicine themed games, which is like a combination of fun and work right?.. Right? 

Friday, 10 May 2013

Second Entry

Lead aprons

These heavy things we have to wear in hospital at times to avoid scary radiation blasts from the x-ray machines. Normally they're pretty basic: heavy, green or red in colour, uncomfortable. So I was in theatre one day and we all have to put these things on since x-rays will be taken during the operation. Then I see it, the best damn looking lead apron I've ever seen, and the comfortable was out of this world! (Ok it was still a bit uncomfortable but how it looked made up for that). I put it on and was excessively overjoyed. If the nurses hadn't stopped me I would've walked out with it and never taken it off.

My reaction to getting to wear this thing is a good indicator of how interesting my life was at the time. Which unlike most medical dramas like to depict, consisted mostly of sitting in the library reading and being mad at myself for not remembering the 14th acronym I had created to remember some condition I'm not sure I fully understand. I hate acronyms so much, but darn they can be useful.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

First entry


I spent a good hour or so trying to think of the best opening to a blog. I've tried this thing in the past but I tend to always launch into some irrelevant complaint against the world. Probably because in the past my blogs were written when I was a teenager and also I love to complain. But I am a teenager no more!

The bad news is that I still love to complain, and I have recently discovered that I am clearly not imaginative enough to think up an amazing and entrancing opening to have you hooked. So instead of startling you with my amazing wit and master of language, I have just made you waste a minute or two of your life reading this. So in a sense I did achieve something ^-^ (<--- get used to these faces, I do love to overuse them)

So next up on the blog intro list: Introductions! I'm Ryan, 22, medical student who is going to take a year out next year to study medical ethics and law. I think when I chose to do this, I had it in my head that with that extra degree I'd transform into some super crime solving, super healing lawyer-doctor-superhero combo. 

But I've since been told that I may be just a little bit deluded on that part...

Now for the part where I complain!... Um, actually today's been pretty good. My bus came early, I had a good sleep, got quite a bit of work done. I guess the weather wasn't great, but it didn't rain till I was inside. Oh! I made some coffee, and I've tasted better, but it was still nice so I drank it.

Amazing introduction: Check
Introduction to me: Check
Superfluous complaint: Check (kind of)