Saturday, 22 June 2013

Productivity and sunshine

I've kind of turned over a new leaf...

Like, I've definitely become more productive. My report is coming along nicely, but I still have time to relax. Finally achieved this mythical work life balance everyone is always talking about ^_^. Oh and the sun has been shining so much recently it can even make the litter-filled streets look pretty!

But I should probably address the issue of my very late 'weekly' blog post. You see, I fully intended to write every week, it's not as if stuff hasn't happened, or I've been too busy its just... Well... I discovered Parks & Recreation. Then I got a minor addiction and spent days huddled up in bed (owling in a blanket) watching all of season 1 and 2 on my laptop.

It's a really really funny show! Totally legit reason for procrastination! I guess it would've been fine if I had got back to work after this detour. But then I decided to make up for all the time in bed eating snacks, by running outside in the insanely good weather.

I actually discovered that when I exercise, I become one of those sickeningly annoying people who run twice a day every day, eat healthy food and won't stop telling you about it. Can't count the amount of times I've said "I'm gonna get in a quick run before I meet you then I can run after!". It's not needed, it's not wanted, but it just feels so satisfying to be on the healthy team for once :(

The good side is that exercise totally energizes you, I was writing my report so easily and getting tons of sleep. Nice weather, report almost finished, getting fit and healthy, perfect! Then procrastination set in again, and I started exercising or planning my exercises, or saving energy to exercise instead of working on my report. You see, in my mind exercise didn't count as procrastination, because it was healthy. Nor did eating healthy food, because it was good for you. At one point the deadline for an update on my report had long passed, I was running low on excuses, and literally running from my problems.

But I think I'm back on track now. Cut down on the running and tv shows till this thing is finished. Lesson learned from all of this? Exercise is bad, you're better off sitting in bed watching TV.

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