Thursday, 3 October 2013

Being ill

So I've had an amazing summer! Ticked a few things off my bucket list by travelling round Belgium and ending with a trip to Paris. All refreshed and recharged, I started my law course ready to learn and be the super student I was always too lazy to become.

Part of what made me so sure of my energy levels was that I was certain I would not get ill at all. I mean, there was no chance I'd be going to the hospitals, and since my course is post-grad I could avoid the undergrads and their dreaded 'fresher's flu'. Or so I thought.

I clearly underestimated the sneakiness of this illness. Was it the first year I foolishly sat next to on the bus? Or maybe the part time coffee shop worker handing me my change in a germ filled hand? Perhaps an undergrad snuck into one of my lectures beforehand, coughed and then left, laughing manically and they exited. Most likely it is all of the above.

Whatever the cause I now lie here, intermittently sweating and shivering.  Doomed the sit and watch my tv shows all day.

My destiny is clearly not to be a super student. So I'll sit solemnly and eat junk food whilst watching "real housewives" : (

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