Sunday, 6 October 2013


So it turns out I'm still not amazing at this blog thing. But I figured out its not because im not an amazingly interesting, handsome, and intelligent individual who can come up with the best blog with picture ideas. Its simply because im too lazy to draw the detailed images! So imma try somthin' new #newstrategy




...but the point is I thought I'd try out this new fangled idea of doing blog entries without pictures! I know, I know, it's an insane I but bare with, because I think that this may just work.

So with that out of the way I should go back to the title of the entry, which I actually had half drawn pictures of (look forward to these in the future!). I've noticed that I have this habit of celebrating and rewarding myself for even the tiniest of achievements. The extent of this actually hit me when I gave a presentation to people and half way through, I gave myself a little clap and cheered in my head for getting that far. Needless to say no one else was clapping...

I think this all comes back to early school days where we were encouraged to pat ourselves on the back whenever did something good. But its a slippery slope guys, with a steep incline...

See, I like to see rewards and filling an ever depleting health bar. One moment those pats fill your rewards bar, but then they just don't cut it. You start clapping for yourself, then the cheers come. Next thing you know, you're at rock bottom stealing from houses and selling yourself so you can get enough money for that canned applause machine with those mega sized speakers.

... ok that last point may have been slightly exaggerated.

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